The Madison County Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse, Inc.

Ring in the New in 2022

brought to you by BRiDGES

These past few years have given us all a lot of time for reflection on what is important in our lives, and in our work, and how to collectively move forward with purpose. We have all had to let go of things and with that shedding of the “old”, we have made room in our lives for newness. At BRiDGES, with welcoming in 2022, we are welcoming in a whole lot of new. In late, 2021, we moved into a new location and now can be found at 1507 Upper Lenox Ave in Oneida. Our new “home” has brought our staff a sense of pride, peace, safety, and comfort, in turn allowing them to better serve the community. As one staff member said of our new space, “It is the space we have always wanted for BRiDGES.”

In 2021, as the world hunkered down and thought about what is truly important,  BRiDGES’ staff also did a lot of internal reflection on who we are to the community we serve and what our core organizational values are. In turn, we are launching a new logo which we are extremely excited to share with the community. The logo highlights 3 core values we feel strongly about- strength, hope, and community

Finally, in 2022, in April, we will celebrate 35 years of serving Madison County. As we get closer to this amazing anniversary, we hope that you will join us in celebrating so many amazing years of service to the community. It has been an honor to serve Madison County and we look forward to 2022 and all that comes as we enter this new chapter.