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We're providing hope and support to those affected by addiction & substance misuse.

The mission of BRiDGES is to be a leader in providing advocacy, resources, and services to our community, the workforce, families, and individuals through the delivery of prevention and intervention programs that promote change, strengthen families, and build healthy communities. 

BRiDGES offers many programs and services to the Community including smoking cessation, programs for schools individuals and families. Please click on the Services tab on the top menu bar for a complete list of services we offer and reach out to us if you have any questions or are looking for a program you do not see listed.

6 hours ago

For decades, Big Tobacco worked to keep menthol cigarettes cheap and accessible to Black communities. Studies have found cigarettes are cheaper in Black neighborhoods, particularly menthol cigarettes.#NotJustMenthol #tobaccoisstilltakinglives #TobaccoFreeNYS Source: Resnick EA, Jackson KL, Barker DC, and Chaloupka FJ; Cigarette Pricing Differs by U.S. Neighborhoods – BTC Research Brief. Chicago, IL: Bridging the Gap Program, Health Policy Center, Institute for Health Research and Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012. ... See MoreSee Less
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24 hours ago

Free, ongoing support following a death by suicide. Please reach out for more information. We are here for you. ... See MoreSee Less
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1 day ago

The 2009 federal Tobacco Control Act that got rid of flavored cigarettes allowed menthol to continue to be marketed and sold, which was a fatal flaw felt by the African American/Black communities. #NotJustMenthol #tobaccoisstilltakinglives #TobaccoFreeNYSSource: Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, 21 USC section 301 (2009) ... See MoreSee Less
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